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South Outdoor Festival 2017 – Pilur

April 29 - May 1

Pilur South Outdoor Festival-calendar.Al

South Outdoor Festival 2017 – Pilur

@ Pilur

29 April – 01 May 2017 

Rezervime: http://festival.south.al/reservation/

We are going all to Pilur South Outdoor Festival to start the summer season. A fantastic opportunity to visit this place quite magnificent and above all for adrenaline part of the wind pipe, taking part in many of different activity as: Hiking, Mountain Bike, Trekking, SUP Monster, Scuba Diving, Paragliding, Kayaking est.

Pilur has been known for a long time as the “Balcony of the Coast.” Though it’s present day location is actually not where it began. The name Pilur first appeared in 1431–1432 as part of the Sopot Nahiye (present day Borsh, some 20 kilometers to the south), and was counted to contain a total of thirteen houses. This location was in the gorge between present day Kuç and Kudhes, much lower in elevation. In 1506, and again in 1520, with Ottoman resistance brewing all along the coast, Pilur refused to register with Timars as a forceful gesture of non-participation. Thirty years later in 1551, Pilur was counted again, only this time as part of the nearby settlement known as Delvina Sanjak, and by then increased modestly in size to a total of sixty houses like Himara, Pilur was very active in the resistance to Ottoman rule. Over and over again the historical record shows Piluriot villagers as signatories of letters and petitions that the Himara province was sending to the Western powers asking for assistance against the Ottomans.

Who says we can’t party in Pilur? One stage, different Dj-s, a rock singer, good drinks and everything happens in the mountain. No excuses are accepted to miss a live concert of Eugent Bushpepa in open air. Be there and bring a friend, the more we are the longer we party.


Mountain Bike

Signing up for a mountain biking challenge can be the perfect way to push your limits. At South Outdoor Festival will be held in two days two different races. Cross Country or Down Hill is up to you, but start training because the competition is tough and the prices are tempting.
Race Ticket Price: 5€ Limited quantity


Come to discover the beautiful area of Piluri together fantastic landscapes, trails full of variety and above all an amazing nature. For those who want more, we can go on the sea side 🙂

Activity Costs: 5€/day Limited quantity

Scuba Diving

Underwater weekend. Most fascinating adventure in diving destinations near himara during the South Outdoor Festival. You will have two unforgettable days to know better the diving world.
Scuba Diving Price: 12 € – Limited quantity

Stand up Paddle

Explore Himara with a stand-up paddle board. Secret beaches, caves, islands are all yours, but you should know swimming in case of falling from the board and for sure you should keep paddling till the next spot. For all water lover it’s your turn to have fun!
Stand up Paddle Price: 12 € – Limited quantity


For those who want to explore and challeng themself, to enjoy a wonderful trip and to be part of the team.

Kayaking Price: 12 € – Limited quantity

Canoe Tour

Great that you are seeing this. You definitely should enjoy the serenity of the Jon sea and marvel at the surroundings whilst on a canoe. Every tour includes life jackets and paddles plus instruction on how to paddle.
Activity Costs: 12€/day Limited quantity

Jeep Safari
Jeep safari tour will take you where only they can go: off-road. Everyone knows the best way to go wild is on jeep safari tour in a spring weekend. Crab your camera and be there for the adventure.

Jeep Safari Costs: 17€


Tandem flights will be the best view of the festival. The famouse Llogara Park will be the take-off place!
Paragliding Costs: 20€/person Limited quantity

It is time to twist, turn, stretch and breathe in the fresh air of the mountain. Yoga with an instructor in the sun rise is what you need to clear your mind and relax your muscle. You will not need music from a box, because you will be in the middle of the nature and there isn’t better sound.
Yoga Ticket: 4€ one Session/ 12€ four session

Music Festival

Who says we can’t party in Pilur? One stage, different Dj-s, a rock singer, good drinks and everything happens in the mountain. No excuses are accepted to miss a live concert of Eugent Bushpepa in open air. Be there and bring a friend, the more we are the longer we party.
Music Festival Ticket: Free

Where is Pilur?

Pilur is located in Himare Municipality, Southern Albania. Pilur is 235 km Away from Tirana(Albanian Capital), 12 km from Himara, 58 km from Saranda.

🚌 How to get there?
You can come in Pilur with your privat transportation(the road is demaged in some parts from Himare to Pilur), or buy free buses thet will depart from Tirana, you will need to fill the reservation form for that.

📆When?The festival will take part at 12:00 PM on Saturday April 29 till 12:00 PM on Monday 1 May.

🏠Do you offer Accomodation?

Sleeping in the Tend: 5 Euro/Night
Sleeping in the Guesthouse : 10 Euro/Night
Slleping in the Hotel (plus Transport) 15 Euro/Night

🍔What about food?

All day you will have the possibility to buy local traditional food from villagers. Chef Sokol Prenga will be the magician who will coordinate this proccess.


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This event was made possible with the initiative and support of GIZ, through “Integrated Sustainable Development of the Southern Coastal Region” Programme

On behalf of the

German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

March 2017

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